31 Mar 2015


Hello everyone
 This is my first post here so thought why not start with something sweet yet healthy.
Sweets are so delectable that no one can resist them but at the same time sweets give a big tension to health conscious people. So why not try something which is tempting as well as healthy and easy too.
So presenting my first sweet dish...



10-12 dried figs(soaked in water overnight)
1-1/2 cup chopped dates
2-1/2 cup roughly chopped dry fruits of your choice( I used cashews, almonds, pistachio and raisins)
1 tsp ghee
1 tsp orange zest


Dry roast all dry fruits for 2-3 mins only to make them Little crunchy.
Make paste of figs using little water. Now heat ghee in a non stick wok and add chopped dates in it . when it become little goeny add fig paste and stir it till it starts leaving edges of wok. Now add dry fruits and orange zest in it. Mix well And make long cylindrical logs and wrap in aluminium foil. Keep it in freezer for nearly 3-4 hrs or till it become really hard to cut into clean slices. After 3-4 hrs cut desired thickness rolls and serve chill. You can also spread mixture in a greased plate. After cooling cut in desired shape and enjoy this easy peasy super healthy sweet dish.

Hope you all will like my initiative towards healthy cooking.
Please stop by and pour your precious comments and valuable suggestions for further improvement in my new journey with you.
Thanks in advance.....

Happy cooking.....