23 Mar 2016


Hello everyone 

Today is holi , a festival of colors and deliciousness. First of all wishing you all a very happy, colorful and delicious holi.
My daughter is too fond of sweets and somehow she saw a sweet in watermelon shape and color in some mall few days back. From that day she was insisting me to make the same for her and being a lazy mom I always tried to shift it to next day all the time. But now I thought to give it a try on this colorful festival to please my kids. Thought it was only experiment, so made very small batch but soon will make another big batch as it turned out more delicious and eye catching beyond my expectations.
It is perfect for this occasion,very easy to prepare with only few ingredients, little chewy and super tempting tummy and eye treat for everyone.
Step wise recipe is given below, hope you all fall in love with these cuties and definitely come up with your feedback😊😊.


Yield: 20-24 pieces
Time: 25 mins ( excluding resting time)


3/4 cup condensed milk, nearly 200ml
3/4 cup milk powder
1 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp sugar ( as per taste)
1/2 tsp cardamom powder 
2 tsp chopped cashews
Red and green gel food colors


First of all add ghee and condensed milk in a heavy bottom wok and let it boil. Now add milk powder and mix well stirring constantly to avoid forming lumps. Let it cook until it starts to come together and form a big lump. Now add sugar and cardamom powder, again cook till it again become nice thick mass.

 Take very small pinch of this dough in your hand and try to roll it, if it rolls without sticking then your dough is ready other wise cook few more mins and check again. Be careful while checking as it will be really hot to handle, so be quick in rolling and take very small dough to avoid hurting your palm.

Now let it cool until it become easy to handle. Divide the dough in three parts, two equal and one little smaller than these two. Now add green and red colors to equal part doughs and mix well to get desired color. Leave the third one as it is. Now add chopped cashews in red dough and again mix well.
Your doughs are ready to prepare your sweet. 

Divide all the three doughs in 5-6 equal portions. First of all take red dough portion and roll it to round ball, then take white dough and flatten it with your fingers to make small round poori shape. Now place red round ball on white one and cover it completely by rolling in between Palm, so that red ball is completely covered by white dough. Similarly do with green dough. Finally you will get a slightly big green ball in your hand.

In the same manner make all the watermelon balls and keep in a plate. Now keep these in refrigerator for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs then with help of a sharp knife , cut each balls in quarter.

 Your super tempting easy eye treat delight is ready to serve.

Do all cooking at minimum flame to avoid uneven colored and burnt , final outcome.
Keeping in refrigerator before cutting is an important step to get clean slices, so don't skip it.

This is very easy yet palatable delight to serve this festive season and will surely win your guests heart. 

My daughter is super happy to see these, even my fussy eater loved to hog on. 

So prepare these cuties and please do tell me how's it turned out for you, your valuable comments and suggestions are always invited, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....

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