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20 Jun 2016


Hello everyone

Yesterday I bought some blueberries on my daughter's demand. Though this fruit is not so often bought at my home so thought to use it in some different way too, instead of eating as it is only. Then thought why not to make its cheesecake to celebrate Father's Day , instead of making my regular cake.
But also tried to give some healthy innovative touch to its base by using oats and dates for it. My lil fussy eater too loved its creamy rich texture and relished it without much nakhrey. 
Stepwise recipe is given below, do try and don't forget to share your experience with me.



2 lt milk 
2 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar 
1/2 cup fresh strawberry blueberries 
1 can condensed milk ( 400 ml)
8 gm agar agar( China grass)
1 cup water
1 1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup deseeded soft dates 
Some blueberries for garnishing


First of all boil milk, then add lemon juice or vinegar , little by little till it get cuddle. Then strain it in a muslin or any fine cotton cloth. Wash it under tap water to remove sourness of vinegar or lemon from cheese. Then squeeze it well and hang some where for at least 1 hr to drain excess water in it. Now your cheese is ready to use.

Meanwhile dry roast oats till little golden , take care not to burn it. Let it cool.
Now take oats and dates in mixer jar and churn to get nice crumbly dough. You can also add some butter or ghee in it, if you like ( I skipped).

Now spread it in a greased pan lined with parchment paper or use springform baking pan of your choice. Press with a spatula to get firm and even thickness base.

*You can also use biscuit base instead of oats one. Just take 20-25 plain biscuits and make its powder, add butter or ghee to it. Make crumbly dough and make base as told earlier.

Now keep it in fridge for 30 mins or in freezer for 10 minutes.

Soak agar agar strips in water for at least 20 mins. Then take 1 cup of water in a pan, add soaked agar agar discarding soaked water and boil. After boiling, lower the flame and let it simmer till agar agar get completely dissolved in water. 

Now take cheese, condensed milk and blueberries in a blender jar and churn to get nice smooth silky thick paste.

Now in cheese bluueberry mixture add agar agar liquid. Mix well and pour it on prepared base evenly. Tap the pan to remove any air bubble formed . 

 Keep the pan in freezer for 30 mins or keep in fridge for atleast 3-4 hr.  For demolding , run a clean knife along its sides so that it leave the edges of pan then carefully lift it and place on a plate. Decorate it with blueberries and Cut in desired shape and serve chilled. 

I made some heart shaped cheese cakes from same mixture in chocolate mold to decorate my cake, you can also make or skip .

**Be careful with agar agar, as it can set at room temp too. So don't keep it for long after cooking other wise it will set itself. Always dissolve it when everything is ready.

This is so creamy and scrumptious desserts that can make you star of any party you are hosting. Just try once you will never regret. 

Hope you all will definitely give it a try and pour your queries, comments and suggestions ,they meant a lot to me.

Happy cooking....