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27 Apr 2016


Hello everyone

Today I have summer cooler easy peasy ice cream recipe. As summer started and everyone need some chilling cooler to beat the heat.
With hot summer the first pleasing name comes to mind is the king of fruits MANGO. I think no one can say 'no' to this yummy droolsome fruit, everyone from kids to elders love it, Even my mom is a big fan of mangoes. So thought to try my hands on mango ice cream without using cream but with easily available handy ingredients with no compromise in taste. It is so easy, no cook , no fuss recipe that can be prepared in minutes. And the end result is so tempting and yummilicious that you can't resist yourself asking for another one.  Even my fussy eater kids loved it.
Step wise recipe is given and hope you all will like this summer cooler.


Yield: 10-12 ice creams, depend on size of mold
Time: 10 mins ( leaving freezing time)


3 big size , nice ripe mangoes, roughly chopped
1 cup milk powder
Sugar to taste ( depend on sweetness of mango), I used left over syrup of rasgulla 


Take all ingredients in a blender and churn to nice thick smooth paste.

 I added little yellow colour and mango essence to my mango paste as my mango was just pale yellow.
** This step is completely optional, if you have nice orangish or yellow mango then no need to add color. 

Now pour the prepared paste in Ice cream molds and keep in freezer overnight or atleast 6-7 hrs.

Now demold icecream by putting mold under running water. Serve and see the happiness on faces , without any guilt.

Your prepared paste should be thick like idli batter. As I used little sugar syrup in my batter so very small ice crystals were formed after two days of freezing. 
You can also use canned mango pulp, nearly 2 cup.

You can also add condensed milk instead of milk powder and sugar to enjoy more rich flavor.
Hope you will like to try this guilt free healthy ice cream recipe for your kids and family.

Your easy peasy summer cooler mango ice cream is ready to serve. Enjoy it and please pour your valuable comments and suggestions . I will always like to reply your queries regarding recipe. So please keep asking if any confusion.

Happy cooking....