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6 Jun 2016


Hello everyone

Today I have summer cooler easy peasy fruit Popsicle recipe. As summer started and everyone need some chilling cooler to beat the heat.
With hot summer the first pleasing name comes to mind is the king of fruits MANGO. I think no one can say 'no' to this yummy droolsome fruit, everyone from kids to elders love it, Even my mom is a big fan of mangoes. So thought to try my hands on mango popsicles but also added some kiwi and strawberries to make it more fruity and attractive to kids , and used just fruits with no compromise in taste. It is so easy, no cook , no fuss recipe that can be prepared in minutes. And the end result is so tempting and yummilicious that you can't resist yourself asking for another one.  Even my fussy eater kids loved it.
Step wise recipe is given and hope you all will like this summer cooler.

Quick Recipee Video


Yield: 12-14 Popsicles, depend on size of mold
Time: 10 mins ( leaving freezing time)


2 big size , nice ripe mangoes, roughly chopped
2 kiwis, peeled and roughly chopped 
250 gms strawberries ( fresh or frozen)
Sugar to taste ( depend on sweetness of mango), I used 4 tbsp for mango and 2 tbsp for kiwi and 2 tbsp for strawberries


Take mango , sugar and some water, if needed ,in a blender and churn to nice thick smooth paste.

Similarly make paste of kiwi & strawberries, sugar and some water( separately)
** Don't add too much water as we want nice thick paste like idli batter not runny liquid. Too much of water may lead to excess ice crystals in your final outcome and they will also mix with each other and you will not get nice patterned Popsicle.

Now pour spoon full of the prepared mango paste in Ice cream molds then kiwi paste and then strawberry paste and place the mold sticks . You can make as many layers of desired thickness . Now keep it in freezer overnight or minimum 6-7 hrs.

Now demold Popsicles  by putting mold under running water. Serve and see the happiness on faces , without any guilt.

* Your prepared paste should be thick like idli batter. 
* If you paste is not thick enough then don't worry, keep it in freezer for 20-30 mins or till it become enough thick. But don't keep for more than 1 hr as it will become solid to pour .

*You can also use canned mango pulp, nearly 1 cup.

* Adjust sweetness as per your taste.

* You can also add some fruit chunks if your kids like, as mine are so fussy to have fruit chunks in their Popsicle so I avoided. 

* You can also use any other fruit of your choice to make it more personalized to your Taste buds

Hope you will like to try this guilt free healthy popsicle recipe for your kids and family.

Your easy peasy summer cooler mango ,kiwi and strawberry Popsicle is ready to serve. It's so easy and quick that you can daily prepare new flavors for your kids.

 Enjoy it and please pour your valuable comments and suggestions . I will always like to reply your queries regarding recipe. So please keep asking if any confusion.

Happy cooking....

14 Feb 2016


Hello everyone

One more Valentine special recipe which I made yesterday for my Valentine , he and kids enjoyed it a lot. As I always go for low calorie and low fat desserts, But cheese cake's richness of calories made me always hesitate to try it , though I am too fond of trying healthy and guilt free cooking, so came up with a healthy substitute of fatty cheese and cream used to make it. And to my surprise and good luck, the final outcome is just wow and of course a guilt free dessert.
Recipe is given below, hope you all will definitely like it.



1  lt milk 
1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar 
1/2 cup fresh strawberry puree 
2 tbsp sugar, you can add more
4 gm agar agar( China grass)
1/2 cup water
12-15 any sweet biscuit, I used 4 belvita biscuits 
1 tsp ghee or butter


First of all boil milk, then add lemon juice or vinegar , little by little till it get cuddle. Then strain it in a muslin or any fine cotton cloth. Wash it under tap water to remove sourness of vinegar or lemon from cheese. Then squeeze it well and hang some where for at least 1 hr to drain excess water in it. Now your cheese is ready to use.

Soak agar agar strips in water for at least 20 mins. Then take 3/4 cup of water in a pan, add soaked agar agar and boil. After boiling, lower the flame and let it simmer till agar agar get completely dissolved in water. In meanwhile take cheese in mixer and churn till smooth, both not too much.

 Now add strawberry pulp and sugar in it and churn again for 2-3 pulses only. Now pour it in a bowl.

Now make powder of biscuits in a mixer and add ghee or butter in it. Take a greased pan lined with parchment paper or use springform mold of your choice, spread this biscuit ghee mixture in it evenly and press with a spatula to get a firm base.

Now in cheese strawberry mixture add agar agar liquid. Mix well and pour it on biscuit base evenly. Tap the pan to remove any air bubble formed . 

 Keep the pan in freezer for 10 mins or keep in fridge for atleast 2 hr.  For demolding , run a clean knife along its sides so that it leave the edges of pan then carefully lift it and place on a plate. Cut in desired shape, pour some strawberry syrup on it and serve chilled.

You can also prepare strawberry sauce at home, take half cup crushed strawberry and 1/4 cup sugar. Put in a pan and cook till every thing is nicely cooked and get sauce consistency, if needed add some water too.

Be careful with agar agar, as it can set at room temp too. So don't keep it for long after cooking other wise it will set itself. Always dissolve it when everything is ready.

This is so creamy and scrumptious desserts that can make you star of any party you are hosting. Just try once you will never regret. Hope you all will definitely give it a try and pour your queries, comments and suggestions ,they meant a lot to me.

Happy cooking....

15 Apr 2015


Hello everyone 

Today I am here with kids favorite jelly recipe. 
My kids are too fond of jellies and can have any time. They always insist to buy , so I thought why not to give it a try at home also. I always try to avoid non veg addition to my daily cooking so tried my hands on agar agar for this recipe. As summer is knocking and lovely aromatic mangoes are in season and also had some strawberry syrup in hand so made these irresistible mango and strawberry veg jellies.
This is so easy and quick recipe that you all will definitely going to love it and surely will try also.


Time: 30 mins ( leaving chilling time)


Lt water
gm agar agar strings ( China grass )
3-4 tbsp sugar (as per taste)
tbsp strawberry syrup
1/4 cup mango pulp


Soak agar agar in 1 cup water for 20- 30 mins.

 Heat 1 Lt water in pan and add squeezed agar agar in itCook till agar agar get completely 
dissolved in itNow add sugar in it , cook till sugar dissolve and turn off the flame.

 it cool a little ( nearly 5 minsthen divide it in two equal partsNow add strawberry syrup to one and mango pulp to other part and mix well

Pour in desired molds and let it set for 15 - 20 mins.

 gets set at room temp itself but to fasten the process you can keep it in fridge also.
It tastes better when served chill.

 you are willing to make double layer jelly then pour one flavor in mold and let it set a little then 
pour second flavor .

**Be careful with your jelly mixture as it will  set at room temp also , so to keep it in liquid form make sure to keep it warm.

 one layer is setting , keep the left one mixture in hot water bowl 
to avoid setting it in jelly form .

 can make jelly of any fruit juice of your choicein the same way.

You can add more sugar as per your taste . I kept it mildly sweet.

Your so easy yet delicious veg jelly is ready to serve to your lil munchkinsI am sure 
they will love it. It can be served as party snack for kids, in tiffin or in evening snack.

They will always love to relish on this lovely colorful dessert.

I hope you will like this easy peasy kids friendly recipe . Please share your valuable comments and suggestions to improve my effort further and give you more satisfying easy yet healthy recipes always.

Happy cooking....