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18 Jan 2017


Hello everyone

Today I am sharing a very nostalgic and my all time favorite sweet recipe. Every Makarsankranti I used to miss this sweet since I leaved my native place. Til burfi, though it looks like any other khoya sweet but if you will taste it then only can understand the depth of flavour in it.
This sweet is not so popular as some other sweets , that's why not so easy to find it everywhere you want.
So i thought , why not to give it a try at home. last year too i made it with instant khoya, made of powder milk. It was delicious too but my heart was drooling for some thing authentic. So this time I chose the traditional way of making milk solids (khoya) then using it for my sweet.
As I was not so sure of the end product So missed clicking stepwise pics, but the final output was so so delicious that you will forget the storebought ones. But don't worry, it's so easy to make that you don't need any tutorial to follow, simple instructions are enough.
Recipe is given below, hope you will enjoy making and devouring at this heavenly treat.


Time: 2-2:30 hrs
Serves: 25-30 pcs( as per size)


2 Lt full fat milk
300 gms white til ( sesame seeds)
1/4 cup milk powder ( optional)
1/2- 3/4 cup Sugar ( as per taste)
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder ( optional)


First of all boil milk in a heavy bottom pan. Let it cook on medium to low flame till reduce to 1/3rd, stirring in between to avoid sticking to bottom.
* Be careful while stirring when it thickened, as splutters too much.

Now cook further stirring constantly till it get idli batter like consistency. If want , add milk powder to it at this stage to thicken fast and become a semi solid mass or cook further till you get mawa consistency.

Switch off the flame and let it cool. It will get solidify on cooling.
* So if it seems little liquid when hot, don't worry.

Now dry roast sesame seeds in a pan on low flame till light golden.
Be careful not to burn it. Sesame seeds become bitter if roasted more.
Let it cool.
Grind 3/4 of it to coarse powder.

Now take khoya, sugar, sesame seeds ( ground and whole , both) and green cardamom powder in a heavy bottom pan. Cook on low flame, stirring constantly to avoid sticking to bottom .

When it starts leaving the edges of pan, transfer to a greased tray and spread evenly with help of a spatulla.

You can also sprinkle some sesame seeds all over it.

Let it cool then cut into desired shape and enjoy these delicious unadulterated delicacies.

* If you don't want to make khoya at home then can use store bought khoya too. But then don't forget to saute it well before using.

You can prepare this sweet for any festival and surprise your guests and loved ones with your cullinary skill.

Hope you will definitely give it a try and don't forget to share your experience with me. Your comments and suggestions meant a lot to me.

Happy cooking....


30 Aug 2016


Hello everyone

This name is given by one of our lovely group member GayatRishi Chopra, so I want to thank her to suggest such a lovely name to my dish. Thank you so much dear.
Actually this one is complete experiment dish. I was having full two liters of milk which I had to use at any cost as it was going to expire very next day. Suddenly idea stuck to mind , why not to make mawa of it and I poured whole milk in a wide pan and started thickening it. But in mid way, I changed my mind and thought , no I don't want mawa .... Let's make some sweet out of it and till then my milk reached to the consistency of rabdi. Suddenly I remembered about left over ghee residue in my fridge , which no one is interested to eat as it is. So used that too and viola the end product is superbly delicious and beautiful sweet . Actually I tried to recreate a very scrumptious sweet , we used to relish on from our childhood days and even now have craving for that. It was UP college ka lal peda. Our grand father used to bring for us without fail, whenever he visits us. And this one is more alike that one, not exactly but too much.
If you are having ghee residue at your home then try this simple and only three ingredients scrumptious delight, you will never regret. Although it is time consuming dish but at the end you will forget everything before it's heavenly taste.

Caution: Not for calorie conscious fellows ☺️☺️

Stepwise recipe is given below. Do try and don't forget to share your experience with me.


Yield: 30-32 regular size pieces
Time: 2 - 2:30 hrs


2 liters full fat milk ( you can half the recipe as per your ease)
1 1/2 cup golden brown ghee residue ( not black one) 
1 1/4 cup sugar ( you can use as per your taste)
1/2 tsp Kewda essence ( optional)
Sliced pistachio for garnishing


First of all boil milk in a wide and thick bottom wok. Let it thicken at medium flame, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking to bottom.

When it become like rabdi ( almost 1/3 rd of initial quantity) then add ghee residue. It will start thinning and spluttering a lot. So cover it with lid and continue cooking on high flame , stirring in between. But be cautious as it splutters a lot.

Now when it become little dry then add sugar and again cook covered , stirring occasionally till it starts leaving ghee.

*** Don't forget to stir it every now and then, as it may burn at the bottom.
Now lower the flame and continue cooking, stirring constantly till it become a nice mass and not having any moisture trail.

*** Cooking for 3-4 minutes more even after the mixture started leaving ghee is must for nice chewy texture. Don't skip this step if you love chewiness in your delight.

Switch off the flame and add Kewda essence to mixture and mix well. 

Now spread the mixture in a greased tray with the help of spatula. 

** Be careful as the mixture will be very hot.

Sprinkle sliced pistachio all over it and press a little. Now let it cool , when it is still warm, make cuts of desired shape and then let it cool completely.

Now serve this super delicious milky bar delight to your guests or give in kids tiffin. 

You can also prepare it as an offering to God. It can be a center of attraction of a festive preparation.

* You can easily half the recipe as per your requirement.

*** Squeeze all the ghee from residue before adding to thickened milk. Otherwise you will end up with super greasy end result.

* For cooling it fast for slicing  , you can keep it in refrigerator.

* This is not only delicious but long lasting too. This can be kept on room temperature for weeks.

Although it is a time consuming dish but not difficult at all . It needs very less ingredients as well as equipments , so do try it and tell your success stories here.

Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....

17 Aug 2016


Hello everyone

Whenever I talk about besan laddoo the first name comes to my mind is my mom. She makes best besan k laddoo that we used to relish on ,from our childhood days. My mom makes them generally for holi feast and also when we grew up and went to hostel for further studies. It was just like ritual for us to carry mom made laddoos with us to our hostel . Even now whenever I visit my mom's place or whenever she comes to us, we get those heavenly laddoos without fail. My kids too love my mom's besan k laddoo. I grew up seeing her making scrumptious laddoos and now , when I am far away from her and my kids are demanding Nani k laddoo then I tried to recreate that magic in my way. But still I am missing my mom's made ones. Feeling nostalgic as well as emotional while writing about my emotions attached with these beauties.

Now come back to my laddoos. As generally too much ghee and sugar is used in making these laddoos, making it much more unhealthier for health conscious people. So I tried to cut on both and used only required amount of ghee and sugar along with another healthy addition of almond meal in it.
As my younger one too love these laddoos but hate any dryfruit in it that's why I used powdered almonds to increase the nutritional value of my sweet treat without any prominent change in its texture and flavour.
Stepwise recipe is given below, do try and share your experience with me.


Yield: 25-30  regular size laddoos
Time: 45 mins


3 cups chickpeas/gram flour ( besan)
3/4 cup ghee
1 1/2 cup boora sugar ( tagaar)
1/2 cup almonds
1 tsp green cardamom powder


First of all grind almonds to fine powder and keep aside for later use.

Now heat 1/2 cup ghee in a deep heavy bottom wok and add gram flour. Roast it on medium to low flame , stirring constantly till it become nice golden brown and aromatic.

*** Always keep flame medium or low to avoid burning flour and keep stirring constantly.

Now sprinkle 3-4 tsp of water on it and again fry for 3-4 mins. It will give nice grainy texture to your laddoos. Add almond powder to it and again roast for 1-2 mins. Now transfer it to dry vessel to cool till it become easy to handle.

** After add almond powder, don't roast for long as it will kill all nutrients of almond.

** Must transfer flour in another vessel to avoid further roasting due to hot wok.

When it become warm then add boora sugar and cardamom powder. Mix with hand, smashing all the lumps if any. 

Now take handful of mixture and press firmly. Open your fist and if the mixture holds the shape then your mixture is ready to make laddoos. Otherwise add remaining ghee little by little till you get required texture. 

Now make desired size of laddoos and keep in a plate. Let it rest in open plate for 3-5 hrs then keep in dry airtight container. 

Garnish with sliced almonds and Your super delicious healthy laddoos are ready to gobble on. 

Prepare these sweet treats and please your kids and family members in a healthy and yummy way.

** If you don't want to add almond powder then simply skip it. Or can also add any dry fruit of your choice.

* Add sugar as per your taste. Must use boora sugar , it's easily available at grocery shops. As it adds texture to laddoos.

** You can also prepare these for travel snacks or for kids picnic snacks. 

*** This can be stored for 1-2 months without spoling.

These are so easy to prepare and super delicious to eat. Either prepare for any festival or as an offering to God , in every way it will earn you lots of praise . 

Hope you all will love this recipe and definitely give it a try. Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here , they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....

9 Aug 2016


Hello everyone

Today I am having another very delicious Bengali sweet recipe, which is loved by almost every sweet tooth. My son is a fussy eater yet he always love to relish on ras malai and once again he demanded me to make the same. But I made extra chhena to try my hands on Cham Cham too. He always want to have ras malai but after having Cham Cham , now he became fan of it too.Though the chhena ( cheese) made from carton milk is not as easy to roll into a nice dough but I managed to prepare these. That's why shapes are not as smooth as we get in market but taste wise, full marks given by my lil one.  Hope you all will love to try this delicious treat and come up with your feedback.
Step wise recipe is given below.


Serves: 6-7 ( will make 12-14 regular size dumplings)
Time : 1 hr


For chhena:

1 lt full cream milk ( cow's fresh milk is best)
2 tsp white vinegar/ lemon juice( as per need)

For syrup:

1 lt water
2 cup sugar
Few drops lemon yellow edible colour ( optional)

For garnishing :

1/4 cup dry desiccated coconut
Sliced pistachio and cherries


For chhena:

Boil milk and switch off the flame. Add vinegar , 1 tsp at a time and mix well. Let it sit for some time and check whether it is cuddled or not. If needed add more vinegar and check. 

When all the milk is cuddled and whey is separated , strain it in a muslin cloth. Now wash it under tap water thoroughly to get rid of any vinegar in chhena. 

Now tie a knot on muslin cloth and hang it for 3-4 hrs or till all the extra water drips from it and it remain only moist not water laden. 

* don't cook milk after adding vinegar/ lemon juice, it hardens the chhena.

* But don't over do hanging your cheese as if the chhena become dry you can't make proper dough with it.

* don't add too much vinegar or lemon juice at a time, it will make your chhena hard. Add little at a time  and give some time to curdle and then use next batch.

* Always use only required amount of vinegar/ lemon juice. Vinegar gives much better result , so if possible go for vinegar instead of lemon juice.

Now your chenna is ready to be kneaded as dough. Knead this for 5-6 mins using your Palm to a smooth greasy non sticky dough ( it will release ghee when kneaded well).

* I used carton milk so my dough was not as much greasy and was sticky too. If you are using carton milk then don't expect a clean dough and knead for at least 8-10 mins. 

** While making it again this time , I used fresh cows milk available here in plastic gallon and is pretty better than carton milk to make chhena.

To get best chhena and sweet like store ones , I will advice to use cow's milk. 

** Here only packaged milk is available, so I used that. It's little tricky to use packaged milk for making chhena dough but not impossible. Just have some patience 😊, as I did 😜.

For cooking chhena dumplings in sugar syrup:

Boil water and sugar in a wide deep pan ( as chenna expands to double on cooking) till rolling hot. Add few drops of yellow color to the syrup. Now make small rolls of chhena dough as shown in pic and put in rolling hot sugar syrup . 

* Let it cook for a while to check it is not breaking during cooking. If it is breaking then knead your dough for more 2-3 mins and then make rolls.

If it's not breaking while cooking then add all the prepared rolls one by one carefully in boiling suger syrup.

 Cover with lid and Let it cook on high flame for 10 - 15 mins then lower the flame and let it cook for another 10 mins. Switch off the flame and let it cool down .

** If you feel your syrup is getting too thick, You can add some water to it while boiling.

* always add chenna rolls in rolling hot sugar syrup. If it's not boiling then rolls may scatter in syrup.

* To check whether your chhena rolls are cooked well, dip one cooked roll in normal water in a bowl. If the cooked chhena settles down then it is completely cooked otherwise cook for more minutes and check again for doneness.

* let the chhena cool completely in sugar syrup before removing it from pan to avoid breaking your chhena dumplings as they are too delicate to handle while hot.

Now remove all prepared chhena dumplings one by one on a plate. Now roll it in coconut powder and garnish with pistachio and cherry.

Let it chill in refrigerator before serving. You may also serve warm.

Your super delicious cham Cham is ready to please your guests and loving ones. 

Prepare these easy and tempting sweet dish and earn lots and lots of praise . 

I tried to short out all the do's and don't in my post but even if there is any thing left then please let me know in the comments box below so that I can clarify at my best. 

Hope you will love to try this super delicious sweet treat and don't forget to share your experience with me here, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....

2 Aug 2016


Hello everyone

Being a sweet tooth fellow I used to experiment with different dish dishes in different ways. I had a banana lying on my dining table for long and got over ripe, no one is now going to even touch it. So thought to make cake out out it but making cake with only one banana in hands seems lil funny. Again idea struck to give a try to Swiss roll with banana. So here is my version of patterned banana Swiss roll with Nutella filling. It's turned out so soft and moist that got vanished in seconds. 
Do try this eggless version of Swiss roll and don't forget to tell me your experience.
Stepwise recipe is given below.


Serves: 2-3
Time: 20 mins ( leaving refrigerating time)


1/2 cup all purpose flour / chapatti flour 
1 big over ripe banana
2 tbsp yogurt mixed with 1/2 tbsp water
2 tbsp oil
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp sugar ( you can use more)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
Few drops edible red colour


First of all add salt and baking powder in flour and mix well. Keep aside for later use. Now add baking soda to yogurt mix and give a quick stir. Keep aside.
Now mash banana with a fork. Add vanilla essence, sugar and oil. Mix well till sugar is dissolved.

Now take 1/2-1/2 tsp of yogurt mix and banana mix in a separate bowl. Add 1 tbsp of flour mix and red colour, stir  to make a lumpless smooth batter. If needed , add few drops of water to get nice smooth batter. 

Transfer this to a piping bag and make desired pattern on a rectangular/square baking tray lined with butter paper. Keep it in freezer for atleast 6 mins and maximum 10 mins.

** You can make pattern on only half the tray as only this will be visible. I had extra batter in hand so made on full tray.

** Don't decrease the freezing time otherwise pattern will not be so clean. I removed earlier that's why my pattern got smudged a little.

Now take the patterned tray out . Now add yogurt mix in banana mix followed by flour. Mix everything together to get smooth lumpless batter. If needed add some water to get nice cake like batter.

Now pour this batter on patterned baking tray. Spread it evenly and tap to release any bubble trapped.
Now bake for 8-10 mins at 180 degree C in a preheated oven. 

** Always keep checking for doneness by tapping on its top. If it feels spongy and non sticky then it's done. Over baked rolls get cracks while rolling.

Remove from oven and carefully invert on a kitchen towel dusted with powdered sugar to avoid sticking.

Now reinvent it carefully on dusted towel to get patterned side downwards.
Roll it carefully along will towel and make a log. Refrigerate for 1/2 - 1 hr.

Now open the roll carefully and spread Nutella all over it. Again roll to make log. 

Now cut in desired thickness roll and enjoy these beauties with family and friends.

** You can make any filling of your choice like cream, jam, hung curd etc.

These are not only yummy but also an eye treat for everyone. 

Do try this easy yet super tempting eggless delight and don't forget to share how's it turned out for you.

Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here, they meant a lot....

Happy cooking....