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25 Aug 2016


Hello everyone

Now the season of festivals are on . One after another festival is in the row to make us full of energy and divine spirit. Today is Janmashtami , birthday celebration of our favorite kanha Ji. So made this healthy and delicious treat for him to celebrate this day. But here also my kids choice came first and compelled me to make krishna's treat in his way. As my kid don't like bits and pieces of dryfruits in any way , so I used powdered form of dry fruits to make my panjiri as delicious as it used to be and without hurting my kids feelings too. My lil one was so excited to smell the nutty aroma while I was roasting the flour and dryfruits.

 He was so eager to taste it that started saying - mom , may be kanha don't like this , so give me first and I will tell kanha that it's so delicious and he can also have it.

Really his this cute conversation made my day. He seems to me like lil kanha who used to steal makhan despite of yashoda's threat. Finally my kid was convinced that he will offer this prasad to kanha then he can have it . 

My kids loved it to the core and took another serving too. 
Stepwise recipe is given below, do try and don't forget to remember me.


Time: 30 mins


2 cup wholewheat flour
3 -4 tbsp ghee
1 cup powdered sugar or boora sugar ( tagaar)
1/2 cup dry desiccated coconut
1/3 cup almonds+ 4-5 walnuts 
1 tsp green cardamom powder


First of all grind almonds and walnut to fine powder and keep aside for later use. You can also use sliced dryfruits of your choice. I used powdered as my kids don't like pieces of dryfruits in their sweet treats.

Now heat ghee in a deep heavy bottom wok and add whole wheat flour .Roast it on medium to low flame , stirring constantly till it become nice golden brown and aromatic.

*** Always keep flame medium or low to avoid burning flour and keep stirring constantly.

 Add almond walnut powder and desiccated coconut to it and again roast for 1-2 mins. Now transfer it to dry vessel to cool till it become easy to handle.

** After add almond powder, don't roast for long as it will kill all nutrients of almond.

** Must transfer flour in another vessel to avoid further roasting due to hot wok.

When it become warm then add boora sugar and cardamom powder. Mix with hand, smashing all the lumps if any. 

Add all other dryfruits if adding and if it feels too dry then add some more ghee to it and mix well. 

Your panjiri is ready. 

Garnish with basil leaves and Your super delicious healthy panjiri is ready to offer to your lord.

Prepare this sweet treat and please your lord ,kids and family members in a healthy and yummy way.

** If you don't want to add almond walnut powder then simply skip it. Or can also add any dry fruit of your choice.

* Add sugar as per your taste. Can use boora sugar for better texture ,it's easily available at grocery shops. As it adds crunch to your panjiri.

** You can also prepare these for any katha or Pooja prasad or for kids healthy evening snacks.

*** This can be stored for 1-2 months without spoling if stored in dry air tight jar at cool place.

These are so easy to prepare and super delicious to eat. Either prepare for any festival or as an offering to God , in every way it will earn you lots of praise . 

Hope you all will love this recipe and definitely give it a try. Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here , they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....

13 Aug 2016


Hello everyone 

Late post....  I made these on Tuesday as an offering to lord Hanuman 🙏🏻. As per our custom we use to offer mildly sweet pooris called "Rot" to Hanumam Ji on first Tuesday after Nag Panchami. 
How many of you too have this pratha ( custom) at your place?

As kids tiffin is a daily tension for fussy eaters moms, I am here with one more easy healthy tiffin snacks for kids. Even we can also keep it with us while traveling as it lasts long on room temperature and a filling snacks too. You can also make it in large batch and give to kids for two three days in tiffin or evening snacks. It tastes best with some spicy tangy pickle but you can have it as per your taste and preference. 
It is very well known dish to North Indians and I only added a little eye catching shapes for kids in it. Hope you all will like it and must try it at least once.
Recipe is given below.


Serves: 3-4
Time: 30mins ( leaving resting time)


1 1/4 cup whole wheat flour 
1 tbsp mix dry fruits, coarsly ground ( optional )
1 tbsp ghee
2 -3 tbsp sugar ( can adjust sweetness as per your taste)
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder
Ghee to deep fry 
Water to knead


Mix all ingredients together well except water and frying oil. Now using sufficient water knead a soft dough of it like chapati dough. Keep it covered at any warm place for atleast 1 hr.
Now your dough is ready to make pooris. Heat sufficient ghee in a deep wok and turn flame to medium high. Take lemon size ball of dough and roll 1/2 cm thick poori and deep fry on medium flame till golden brown on both sides. 
For different shapes, roll a big poori of 1/2 cm thickness then cut designer pooris using cookie cutter and fry as told above. 

* Dough may be little sticky, so use dry flour to easily roll. Make sure to roll  pooris little thick to get nicely puffed and soft ones.

* If you are making it as an offering to God , then use ghee for deep frying otherwise can use any refined oil.

Your easy poori are ready to go in tiffins or accompany you in your journey. Enjoy it hot or cool , tastes good both ways. A dollop of spicy pickle enhances its taste to another level.

It's so easy and generally loved by kids, even my fussy eater loves it. So try it and let me know your suggestions and comments, they meant a lot to me.

Happy cooking....