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7 Feb 2016


Hello everyone

First of all I would like to say sorry for claiming my last post as my 100th post. It happened just by a minor mistake but now I really came with a very special recipe to make my 100th post really special. Few days back I celebrated my son's b'day, he demanded for a minion and clock cake for that special day. So I thought why not to give a try to fondant one this time but the main problem was I generally avoid eggs and non veg items to include in my bakery stuffs. Then after searching a lot on internet I got  few really good tips to go for veg fondant and finally I succeeded in making some for my kids b'day cake. As still I have to go long way to get expertise in playing with fondant but till then gave a satisfactory novice try to my cakes. 
Fondant decorations always fascinate not only kids but elders too. As it provide lots of possibilities to be creative😊😊 so lets be a part of my celebration.
As this is going to be 100th post of my blog so what's better than sharing some thing sweet stapled with sweet memories. 
Stepwise recipe is given below, do try and let me know how's it turned for you.


Serve: enough for covering 2 medium size cakes
Time: 30 mins


1/4 cup + 2 tbsp full fat milk or cream 
1 1/2 tbsp glycerin
1/2 cup light corn syrup
7-8 cup icing sugar( confectioners sugar)
1/4 cup +1 tbsp butter or vegetable shortening 
1 tsp vanilla powder or colour less liquid
2 tbsp agar agar flakes or powder( preferably powder)


First of all soak agar agar in 1/4 cup milk or cream for atleast 10-15 mins to bloom.

Then cook the mixture at minimum possible flame, stirring constantly till agar agar is completely dissolved. 

If you are using flakes then you may need little more milk to make it completely dissolve, as I did. Add 1 tbsp at a time but not more than 2 tbsp in whole. Here I will suggest to use powder agar agar for better result as flakes sometimes leave some traces behind, which may spoil your final outcome.

Now when it is completely dissolved and become a smooth lump then switch off the flame and quickly add 1/4 cup butter, glycerine, corn syrup and vanilla powder or clear liquid vanilla. Mix together well. Now add confectioners sugar, one cup at a time and keep mixing. Once you see now it's not absorbing more sugar then knead it with your hands and if needed add some more sugar till you get nice soft clay like elastic dough. 

Don't add too much sugar as it will firm on storing. I used nearly 7 1/2 cup sugar . If it is sticking to your hands while kneading  then apply some butter to your hand then knead. If you can make a long rope of dough without breaking then your dough is ready.

You can use gel food colors at this time , add and knead well to incorporate colour uniformly. Divide the fondant in as many parts you want to colour and after mixing and kneading colors , keep them wrapped in different cling films to avoid staining. 

Now wrap it in a cling film or any plastic wrap and keep in fridge for 2-3 hrs then take it out and again knead well. Now it's ready to be used.
If you are not using it instantly then again wrap it properly and keep in fridge. It will remain good for months. All you have to do is, keep the fondant out of fridge for atleast 3-4 hrs before using ,to bring it to room temperature. Every time knead it well then use, for best results. 
For rolling fondant sprinkle some corn flour or sugar powder to avoid sticking. You can also apply some vegetable oil on the surface and rolling pin to avoid sticking.

If you are using cream then may be you don't need extra 1 tbsp of butter. Always add sugar in batches and keep kneading to know how much exactly needed . As amount of sugar depend on many factors like whether you are using milk,cream or water and quality of sugar also affects. If using cream then you will need less sugar than using milk. So always have some extra as may be you need it.

For more bright white color use vegetable shortening instead of butter.
Most important, always use store bought confectioners sugars or making fondant other wise you will end up with grainy texture which you will never want. 
I tried to clarify all the doubts and precautions but if you still have any queries then please let me know, will try to explain at my best.

So try this lovely recipe and please your kids and pals with your creativity.

Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....