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9 Jan 2017


Hello everyone

Though i am not a fan of baking with eggs but sometimes, few things attract you to such an extent that couldn't stop yourself from doing that. One such tempting thing was meringue kisses for me. Whenever i see these beauties , they lure me to make them. So finally i overcame my baking without egg rule and tried these awesome gorgeous beauties . And to my surprise they came out almost perfect, not only in look but in texture too. I am jumping with joy to see them. My kids are super happy to have these and are proudly sharing with their friends too. 
I am sharing my recipe here and hope you all will love to try it. It is so simple to try with minimum required ingredients.


Time: 2-3 hrs
Yield: 40-45 pieces, depending on size


2 egg whites ( at room temp)
1/2 cup fine granules sugar
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla essence
Gel food colours of your choice


First of all take eggwhites in a big bowl and beat at low to medium speed with a hand beater till it becomes little foamy. Add lemon juice and continue beating.

Add sugar little by little with your beater on. Now increase the speed of beater and beat till stiff peaks are formed.

Refer below pic for understanding stiff peak.

**Never over beat your egg mixture otherwise it will become runny .

Now take a big piping bag fitted with big round/star nozzel.

For colourful pattern , take little gel colours with toothpick and make vertical lines at some distance, inside the piping bag. Now fill it with prepared meringue.

On a baking tray lined with butter paper, pipe 1 1/2 - 2 inch size meringue kisses.

Now bake it in a preheated oven at 100°C for 1 hr 30 mins or till it can be easily lifted without sticking to the butter paper.

Let it cool inside the oven with door slightly open.

When it cooled down completely , store in an airtight jar.

*It will remain good at room temp for 3-4 days. You can keep it in refrigerator or freezer for longer life.

*If you want your meringue kisses of one single colour then can add colour while beating.

So bake these beauties and enjoy with your tea or give in kids snacks box. You can prepare a big batch and store in freezer and enjoy chilled crispies whenever you want.

Do try this simple yet delicious recipe and dont forget to share your experience with me. Your comments and suggestions meant a lot to me.

Happy cooking....

22 Feb 2016


Hello everyone 

Though I am not a very big fan of non veg but always liked eggs and could rely on it for each meal . Unfortunately few years ago I developed allergy to it so left having it but my son like omelette too much and hubby too likes egg stuffs. So for them I used to cook these. Omelette is generally cooked every day at my place but other varieties are rarely cooked because of me. So thought why to torture them for my problems and planned to serve them some thing different than daily routine and quick too , in order to save some time for mine preparation too. This is so quick yet yummy curry recipe you can prepare in jiffy. 
Recipe is given below, do try and let me know too how's it turned out for you.


Serves: 2-3
Time: 25-30 mins


4-6 eggs
3-4 medium onions, finely chopped
3-4 green chilies, broken in halves 
2-3 medium tomatoes, finely chopped
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/2 tsp turmeric powder 
2 tsp chicken or egg curry masala powder
1/4 tsp garam masala powder 
1/2 tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp asafetida 
1/4 cup green coriander leaves, finely chopped 
Salt to taste

For tempering

1/2 inch cinnamon stick
2 green cardamom
2 cloves


First of all hard boil eggs in salty water , let it cool and peel it. Now heat some oil in a pan and fry eggs till golden brown on all sides. Keep aside for later use.

Now heat oil in a wok and add asafetida and cumin seeds. Let them crackle, add chopped onions and chillies, fry till light golden. 

Now add ginger garlic paste and saute for 2 mins. Add turmeric, Kashmiri red chilli powder, garam masala  and chicken/ egg curry powder, saute for a minute . 

add chopped tomatoes with some salt. Let it cook till tomatoes become mushy and spices are well cooked. Now switch off the flame and let it cool a little. 

Now make its puree using little water. Again heat little oil in the same wok and add tempering spices, fry till it become aromatic. Now add prepared puree and some water according to your preference of gravy consistency. 

Adjust salt and let it boil. Now either pour this on eggs or put eggs in curry and garnish with coriander leaves. 

Your delicious egg curry is ready to be served with roti, naan or rice. 

You can also poke boiled eggs  with knife or skewer to get curry infused in it. Or cut eggs in half and pour curry over it while serving to make it more presentable.

Enjoy this tempting and quick dish with your family and pals. Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....

26 Jun 2015


Hello everyone 

My kids are a big fan of doremon cartoon. They often see doremon eating his favorite Dora cakes and they too start drooling over it. I never thought it would be so easy to prepare at home too. But I searched online and after too many twist and turns ,Tried it with some healthy twist. So here is mine whole wheat flour Dora cakes without red bean paste as filling. As I knew my fussy eater will definitely create scene that's why substituted red bean paste with Nutella. And believe me they relished it as never before. Soon will come up with its eggless version too, but till then enjoy these beauties. My kids got surprised and over excited to see these chocolate oozing soft and fluffy DORAYAKIS .Special thanks to Garima for inspiration. 
Step wise recipe is given below, hope you all will definitely like and try it.


Yield: 8 pan cakes( 4 Dora cakes)
Time: 30 mins

2 eggs ( at room temperature)
1 cup + 1 tbsp whole wheat flour 
1/2 cup powdered sugar 
3/4 cup milk (at room temperature)
1 tbsp honey 
1/2 tsp vanilla essence 
1 tsp baking soda
Little oil to drizzle 
Nutella or jam for filling 


Mix whole wheat flour and baking powder well and keep for later use.

Whisk eggs, sugar and honey together till little frothy . It will take 4-5 mins if you are whisking with hands. So give it time, as more lighter your egg mixture will give you more soft and fluffy pancakes.

Now add milk and vanilla essence in it and mix well. Now add flour to it in batches and mix well by folding, to a lump less smooth batter.

Now heat a nonstick tawa or pan on medium low flame, drizzle some oil on it and wipe excess oil with paper towel. Pour a ladle full of batter on it and let it cook from one side. It will take nearly 1 1/2 - 2 mins.Once you see lots of bubble on it and sides become dry then flip and cook for another one min and done.

 In the same manner, make all the pancakes. 

Be careful while cooking, to get nice brown cakes ,always use medium to low flame and flip pancake immediately once it's sides are getting dry and having lots of bubbles on top. Otherwise you will get blackish pancakes with burnt flavour. And always use same amount of batter for each pancake to get even size Dora cakes.
Now take one pancake with nice brown side down, keep 1 tbsp Nutella or jam in middle and cover it with another pancake with its brown side up. Lightly press it with palm and pinch its edges to seal.

Your soft fluffy and yummy Dora cakes are ready to serve.

For eggless version you can substitute 2 eggs by 1 fully ripe medium size banana. Whisk banana till fluffy then follow the same procedure as above.

Make these easy fancy cakes for your kids and see their glittering eyes with happiness. Hope you all will definitely try this simple delight and pour your precious comments and suggestions here, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....