23 Feb 2016


Hello everyone

Can you imagine your movie without popcorn? Many will answer no , but those are full of extra calories and for health conscious people it becomes a nightmare to have popcorn while watching movies. Even kids demand this delectable crunchy munchy snacks whenever they see it, so why not prepare it at home without any special gadget and with your permissible amount of calories and flavours too. It's so easy to make it and in no time. In less than five mins , from start to served, it gets ready. 
Recipe is given below , so for what you are waiting ,let's start. 


Serves: 2-3
Time: < 5 mins


1/3 cup dry corn kernels ( sufficient for 3 lt pressure cooker)
2-3 tsp refined oil/ butter
Salt to taste
Chaat masala ( optional)


Heat pressure cooker at high flame, add corn kernels, oil/ butter, salt and chaat masala. Stir it to mix everything properly. 

Lower the flame to medium and close the lid without vent. Now let it cook till you hear pop sound , stirring your pressure cooker every 10- 20 secs to avoid burning  and even popping of your popcorn. When you are not hearing pop sound for 10 seconds then immediately turn off the flame , open lid and transfer pop corns in a wide vessel or sieve to avoid sogginess. 

Your crispy crunchy snacks is ready to serve.  

Be alert while making popcorn as if you let it sit for long in the pressure cooker after popping, then it will become soft instead of crunchy. So always be quick in transferring it to wide bowl after done. Don't forget to stir your pressure cooker in between popping process to get even popped pop corn without burning. If you are wishing to pack it for travel then let it cool completely then pack to restore its crunchiness.
You can add other flavours too as per your choice or can add more butter to get buttery pop corns.
You can also prepare it in any heavy bottom wok or deep heavy pan with lid. So prepare this quickest yet everyone's favorite snacks at home and enjoy any time .

 Hope you all will enjoy snacking this super easy and quick snacks. Please pour your valuable comments and suggestions here, they meant a lot.

Happy cooking....


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